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If you suffer from jaw pain, get an accurate diagnosis from our dentist at Georgia Dental Medicine℠ . When doctors rely on traditional, subjective TMJ diagnosis, they can miss important details that are necessary for treatment. Our office uses some of the latest technology to diagnose TMD jaw disorders. We provide comprehensive examination and diagnosis using a variety of tools — from analyzing your bite in a T-scan, to mapping movement through a joint vibration analysis, even monitoring the nerves of the jaw. By focusing on these small details, Dr. Christopher M. Anderson can provide you with better treatment.

When diagnosing a TMD (temporomandibular disorder), it is important to get a complete view of the jaw. One of the ways we do this is through an EMG exam. At our office, the EMG (electromyogram) measures the electricity going through the muscles of the jaw. The electricity is generated by nerve signals, giving directions to the muscles. By testing these signals, an EMG can determine if the nerves are working effectively. If this exam detects a problem, our dentist can then determine an effective course of treatment.

For relief from TMJ symptoms, come in or call our office at 770-973-6494 today. Our office can schedule you an electromyogram in Marietta, Georgia, for accurate diagnosis and a treatment that fits your needs.