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When doctors rely on outdated tools, in can lead to subjective and unreliable results. However, at Georgia Dental Medicine℠ we use advanced technology to measure the smallest details about your smile. Since each smile is unique, we depend on various pieces of technology for objective, detailed analysis. When a patient suffers from jaw pain, it is important to measure movement and vibration within the temporomandibular joint — a common sign of TMD (temporomandibular disorder).

JVA (joint vibration analysis) is used by our dentist to analyze motion and friction that lead to TMJ disorders. This technology isolates the sounds (vibrations) made within the joint, measuring and displaying each soundwave. By investigating these waves, we can map the small movements of the jaw and diagnose TMJ problems and disorders.

Our office wants each of our patients to enjoy a healthy smile, free from discomfort. Because JVA findings are based on objective (not subjective) analysis, Dr. Christopher M. Anderson can prescribe more accurate treatment. When compared with traditional TMD diagnosis, joint vibration analysis often gives an earlier, more accurate diagnosis. If you are suffering from painful TMD symptoms, call 770-973-6494 and visit our office today. Our dentist can go over treatment and diagnosis using joint vibration analysis in Marietta, Georgia.