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TekScanMost dentists continue to use a century-old technique of looking at someone’s bite with ink paper. This is an entirely subjective way of determining force and timing of the bite. While it may suffice for a single filling, this technique cannot measure the entire bite at once. Also, there is no quantitative data using this technique, and many times, dentists incorrectly adjust patients’ teeth and restorations because they are interpreting bite marks incorrectly.

With the proper, modern technology, it is now possible to see the timing and force of someone’s bite, measure the muscle activity, and obtain objective, reproducible data. The TekScan T-Scan digital occlusal system (for digital bite analysis) allows a trained dentist to quantitatively measure a patient’s bite force and timing. Combined with an EMG (electromyogram), the T-Scan can effectively analyze the patient’s bite system.

TekScanUsing this data, Dr. Christopher M. Anderson can properly and conservatively tune the bite to cause the muscles to relax and seat the joint. This creates harmony in the system and a reduction or elimination of TMD symptoms. Patients and their dentist no longer have to trust subjective interpretation of their bite. The Tekscan system gives the patient and their dentist before-and-after data that is objective, measurable, comparative, reproducible and easily displayed!

In many cases, it is important that your dentist “look through” your joints, to ensure no pathological issues exist. Current technology allows 3D imaging to be done in minutes using CT Scanning technology, such as the Instrumentarium OP300 Maxio. Using a CT-Scan and the proper software, we can look through your temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) a millimeter at a time. Learn more about T-scans and TMJ diagnosis in Marietta, Georgia, by calling Georgia Dental Medicine℠ at 770-973-6494.