Dr. Chris Anderson is a Pankey© Institute trained Dentist.

Why choose Dr. Chris Anderson's Office for your dental care?

Here's what we think are the a few good reasons:
  1. Patient reviews are our best advertising: See what our patients have to say about Dr. Chris and Staff. We've had over 500 patient reviews at rateabiz.com. and 50 or so Google Reviews.
  2. We treat you as a person and not a number.  As a small, independant business, we get to know our patients and their family by name.
  3. We offer excellent, comprehensive, technologically advanced care.
  4. We stress preventative maintenance to keep you healthy.
  5. We listen to you and care about your concerns.
  6. We make every treatment as painless as possible.
  7. We treat you the way you would want to be treated.
  8. Dr. Anderson treats conservatively, and offers you treatment options.
  9. For continuing education, Dr. Chris has been attending the prestigious Pankey Institute for advanced dental education.
  10. Dr. Chris is also an instructor at the Pankey Institute.
  11. Dr. Chris has a special interest in TMJ, and Digital Occlusal Analysis using the T-Scan (tscan) Digital Occlusal System.
  12. We respect your time and try very hard to stay on schedule. To help us do so, please try to arrive on time for your appointments.
  13. Most of our new patients are referrals and visit our website after hearing about Dr. Anderson and his staff from family or a friend.
  14. You will love the staff. They have many years of experience. Most of our staff members have been here over 10 years.
  15. We do our very best to make our office a friendly, family oriented, and cheerful place for patients and staff alike.
  16. You will appreciate our clean, spotless, and well maintained office.
  17. We answer our phone quickly during office hours.  No phone tree menu to get lost in!  You'll love Sue's British accent.
  18. We send email and text message appointment reminders (you can opt out of one or both if you wish).
  19. Dr. Chris' mentoring: Three of Dr. Anderson's recent assistants are now studing to be Dentists at the Georgia Regents University (Medical College of Georgia), and a fourth, Liz, one of our current assistances, is working on admission. Dr Chris, staff and our patients are helping to grow the next generation of Dentists, one new Dentist at a time.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to care for your dental needs.

If you have any questions give us a call at 770-973-6494.